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Project Presentations:
The Conceptual Design (also called: Preliminary Design) is the first and the most important phase of any architectural, urban project. This phase is offered to the most creative, very well experienced architects and planners, with the undesputed creativity, talent and unique vision. The DDMC (under arch J. J. Gruzewski, ma) has done many concepts (preliminary designs) for commercial, residential, interior design, urban planning and hospitality projects. Even though high quality conceptual designs may seam to be expensive, they save time and money in a long run. Alos, the best graphic presentations are collectible items, due to their high artistic qualities. Most of arch. Gruzewski's (Fine Artist with several art shows in Europe and the USA) conceptual designs are created by hand (as the watercolors, or color renderings) to offer the highest, artistic standards. Many are in private art collections, reaching $15,000 - $18,000 prices per illustration during the art auctions (NYC, Cranbrook, Princeton).

3D conceptual design of an Andalusian Beach Hotel - watercolour, 50x74 cm

Conceptual 2D design of Abu Dhabi Palace Hotel's marina VIP club

example of a photo collage for Dubai Land Master Planning project - A1 formatted

Frontal, conceptual 3D design of Marina Hotel - pencil drawing, 42x75 cm

Final 3D presentation of Marina Hotel - HQ watercolour, 52x74 cm

Presented here images and projects are copywrite protected. This is the DDMC (arch. Gruzewski) owned material, which cannot be copied or distributed. Thank you.

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