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Projects Presentation
In order to offer the best design results most of our 2/3Ds are created by hand. We do not believe, that in early design phases, good architecture can be achieved with a use of artificial computer modelling techniques. The DDMC's conceptual designs and presentations have helped our clients winning contracts and architectural competitions. They are more attractive than offered by rigid computerized 3D methods. Our Conceptual Designs and final  presentations are unique, and eye catching. This is what makes them special.


Watercolor Perspectives
3D design and final presentation in Kuwait - watercolour

Al Nisf Villas
2D conceptual Villas design for a Kuwaiti client - markers & colour pensils

Al Nisf Kuwait Florida Villa
Mall interiors ADTA MAster Plan

2D Abu Dhabi university elevation concept (1 of 4 ideas) - markers, pencils

Watercolor Perspective
3D concept of new Abu Dhabi Souk - watercolour on paper

Hotel Perspective
Final 3D presentation of a Palm Jumeirah hotel in Dubai - watercolour 1

Jumeirah Hotel
Final 3D presentation of a Palm Jumeirah hotel in Dubai - watercolour 2

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