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ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITIONS - Organization & Management, page 1 of 5:
Between 1985 and 2008 DDMC's Director participated in many architectural competitions, helping to win a few for his clients, or former employers. In 2007-08, he successfully organized and managed all phases of $700 million USD (55,000 sq.m.) international architectural competition for Saudi Aramco in Dhahran. The SACC project (called: King Abdulaziz Centre for Knowledge and Culture) is to commemorate the 75th Aramco Anniversary. See pages 2-5.

Final 3 day Jury Review at Saudi Aramco, Dhahran

International architectural competition for Aramco, KSA - SA Cultural Center
Abu Shum Um $9 Billion USD master planning competition in Abu Dhabi
Studio ABC International, US Consulate competitions, EU
Dubai Tennis development, Dubai Land, UAE
Local commercial competition for G&A, Boston
MIMARI World Trade Center competition with Minoru Yamasaki, USA
MIT competition for a new School of Architecture HQs., Cambridge
Brwinow district master-planning competition, EU
Art Museum competition for Sta Barbara's University of California, USA

(DDMC Director) presents site and explains competition rules to 6 semifinalists

First Phase included 25 architectural teams. Then, our scoring system selected 6 best suited design consultants for this project. Semi-finalists, the world renowned architects, included:


Atelier Hans Hollein, Austria


Zaha Hadid Architects, UK


Oma&Amo, Holland


Omrania, KSA (Denmark)


Snohetta, Norway



  •  Directed selection of 6 best qualified architectural teams for SACC
  •  Led presentations for the SACC Board of Directors
  •  Created competition rules
  •  Led on site meetings with all participants (image above)
  •  Created Design Scope of Work for 6 semifinalists
  •  Led a meetings with SA's Executive Directors
  •  Controlled outgoing and incoming documentation
  •  Monitored and assisted Consultants design process
  •  Selected Technical Jurors
  •  Created Technical Review Criteria
  •  Led Technical Review process
  •  Created documents for final Competition Phase
  •  Selected and invited international competition Jurors
  •  Monitored all preparation works, and final competition phases
  •  Monitored contracts and honorariums payments


Zaha Hadid Architects from London placed Second - model above

Winner Announcing Award Meeting in Saudi Aramco HO

SACC Competition Winner: Snoheta Architects, Norway
backdoor story: Snohetta was almost out of phase I due to its very elevated competition fee request;
understanding Snohetta
's chances to win, our Director personally insisted on serious cut in financial expectations,
When accepted opened up the way for a future winner to participate in Phases II and IIII.

Saudi Aramco would not have such extraordinary, iconic piece of architecture without hiring professional competition management company. It took our teams a record short time of 5 months, from an idea to a Winner announcement only
Similar in scale and importance International Competitions take from 9 to 11 months to organize.
Total organization, PM and architects fees cost was less than 0,4% of a gross construction budget
Saudi Aramco Cultural Center will be opened to a public in 2012

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