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The principle value that DDMC offers is a broad ability to focus all our efforts on the overall development process, whilst also providing expert advice, on individual basis. By examining the entire range of options within the phase by phase development process, we provide comprehensive evaluations that suit each and every investor's specific needs, throughout the entire development process. We ensure a high level of professional competency and act as the client's trusted partner to ensure the highest return on every investment. Our team uses proven methods focusing on the technical and financial aspects of development management.

We successfully assist investors throughout the development processes, in order to guarantee the successful outcome of every project. With our professional assistance the maximum return on your investment is assured. Properly executed Development Management saves 8%-20% on any investment, reducing design and construction processes by up to 20%.

DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT is the controlled evolution of a project from the initial vision to a profitable and physical outcome. Successful developments come from matching design + planning + cost + PM  skills, and broad international experience with the vision, needs of a client and the real estate market demand. We have the knowledge (from a concept to completion)  that covers all necessary development and design management requirements to make a difference. Through our 24 years of exceptional work experience with leading developers, demanding clients and world recognized architects, we perfectly understand what makes a project profitable, unique and attractive to buyers.

The 4 main words that define developments are:  location, market, design quality, feasibility and this is my approach to development management.  Among our expertise are: high-end villas, residential, waterfront and beach resorts, hotels, retail, marinas, health clubs, museums, golf resorts, affordable housing and large scale-master planned communities.

DDMC Development Management services include :
  •  Client Representation
  •  Site Selection Assessment
  •  Market Research and Analysis
  •  Development brief programme
  •  Financial Pre-Feasibility Modelling
  •  Selection of Consultants
  •  Master Development Programme
  •  Phasing Analysis and Recommendations
  •  Concept Design Management

RE Development in Central and Eastern Europe:
Population: 400 million inhabitants
Estimated GDP per capita in 2010 - about $17,000 to 26,000 USD
Estimated GDP growth in 2010-12:  3,8% - 7,5%

SHORTAGES in Central/Eastern EU:
5 stars Hotels: 400+  -  Golf/Beach Resorts: 90  -  International Airports: 12
Shopping Malls: 160-170  -  World Trade Centers: 14+
Apartments: 4,2 mln  -  3,8 million Villas

DDMC offers real estate property search (attractive construction sites), and RE market forecasting

Central and Eastern EU's 2010-2020 real estate development market profitability: $1.2 Trillion USD

Price of 1 sqm of quality Central+Eastern EU located apartment : $ 6,000 - 11,000 USD

Financial returns in Central and Eastern Europe are amongst the highest in the world due to a huge demand for new properties. It is predicted that in by 2012 East European land prices will double their value. Having many contacts with Real Estate Agents, State run Development Institutions, Architectural Departments of most Eastern European regions, 9 years of experience with the Real Estate Investments. Besides Development Management we help locating the most profitable RE properties in Europe. We  link developers with the owners, design consultants, and GCs.

DDMC offers design management services

Development Management saves 8%-20% on investment. It reduces projects duration up to 20%, improving profitability and project qualities.

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