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Arch. Gruzewski, offers broad array of Project + Design + RE Property Development Management, Urban / Town Planning, Business Development, General & Commercial Management, Project Quality Assurance, Client Representation, Construction Supervision consulting services. The DDMC provides clients with the RE property development management supervision, concept design, master (urban / town) planning, feasibilities, budget control, high-end interiors design, profitable (RE investment) sites search and business development services. Arch. J. J. Gruzewski has outstanding qualifications in projects & consultants supervision, contracts negotiations, budgets monitoring, quality assurance, Real Estate & Design Guidelines prep., concepts for the RE Investors. Architectural Competitions (2007-09 project with the SA and the F+G teams: $740 million USD Saudi Aramco Cultural Center - the King Abdulaziz Centre for Knowledge and Culture; images below). { NOTE: this website together with its content belongs to the DDMC and by the international copywright laws cannot be used by unauthorized people. For any enquires contact us directly: info(at) }.

The DDMC's real estate, town planning, financial and construction monitoring, project supervision, design and real estate property development management advantages are based on arch. Gruzewski's impressive 28 year long international work experience, MIT (Harvard), PW education and His artistic talents. He has directed departments, managers, and the consultants (contractors) in the USA, UAE, Oman, Europe, Kuwait and in Saudi Arabia (KSA). His USA and European education, press interviews, and the highest Federal rank for the executive management roles (SES: Senior Executive Services) should be mentioned here. 

The DDMC's founder has taken leading roles in the following projects: The Olympia Hotels & Beach Resort • ADTA's Abu Dhabi Mangroves mixed use development on 167ha • $1 Billion USD Porto Jumeirah 120ha signature hospitality development • The $3.8 Bln MIRBAT Residential+Hospitality master development in Oman • Al Quoz 17,000 inhabitants Housing Complex in Dubai • $1.29 Billion Schutow Industrial, Residential, Retail and Commercial RE development • Oman's Al Qurum Waterfront urban planning in Oman • Dubai's  Palm Jumeirah • the LSM 65,000 inhabitants town redevelopment • $9.6 Mn Abu Dhabi's Abu Shum Um Island Golf Resort (competition) • Ajman Marina urban planning • 170 ha Dubai-Land Tennis Community • Untergohren Marina and Residential Resort • Hawaii West Beach residential development • Abu Dhabi Global Village Retail RE development • $820 Mn Mimari World Trade Center in Turkey • $124 Mn Jasna Polana Estate, TPC Golf Resort in Princeton, USA; (Hotels, Airport, City Hall, Villas, Towers, Retail & Office Blgs, Interiors).

Arch. Gruzewski has co-directed PM, F+R, and design processes of the $25 Billion Saadiyat Island development on 2,740 ha, and the Emirates largest, the 3,200 ha Bawadi mixed use development. In 2012-2016 the DDMC was invited for bids and competitions by the Property Developers, PMCs and the Municipalities from the UAE, France, Poland, USA, Belgium, Oman (among them: Master Planning of Dubai Retail City $850 Mn USD property development, on 95 ha plot along the Al-Ain Highway. The UAE Govt proposed to direct the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology project, Dubai. "eng J. Gruzewski, provide us with your master planning proposal, for the redevelopment of the EIAST" (approx $175 Mn USD, on 1,8ha), Dubai).

Our Mission:

The principle value that the DDMC offers is the ability to focus all our efforts on the overall design and real estate property development processes, whilst also providing expert advice on individual basis. By examining the entire range of options within the phase by phase development processes, we provide comprehensive evaluations that suit each and every investor specific needs. We act as a client trusted partner to ensure the highest return on every investment. We provide well proven methods in the fields of architectural concept design, master planning, project, financial and property development management. By focusing on the technical, design quality and financial aspects, we provide clients with time and money saving services. We lead investors throughout the concept development, modeling and design processes, in order to guarantee the successful outcome of every project. With arch. Gruzewski assistance the maximum return on investment is assured. Properly executed Design and Property Development Management services save up to 18% on investment, and can cut construction time by 2-9%. This translates to tens of millions USD (£) in real savings.

OMAN Development

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The DDMC directs PM, GM, Commercial and Design Management processes, from the initial concepts, financial / planning / F+R / guidelines programs, through design development management, projects and consultants supervision, up to construction phases. Jerry selects and supervises the best suited, for each particular project phase, consultants.  His early involvement adds value by establishing the programme requirements and determining any feasible alternatives. The DDMC delivers optimal design and cost efficient solutions.  We provide expertise in the areas such as town (city) vehicular + pedestrian communication planning, conceptual design, quality assurance, reviews, real estate research, infrastructure contractors hiring, and constructions supervision. The DDMC directs all phases of the real estate property development, design, and project managing processes. For detailed information please visit: Design and Project Management web page. Use left margin buttons to see other services, and examples of directed projects.


The RE Property Development Management is a controlled project evolution from the initial vision to a profitable, physical outcome. Successful RE property developments come from proper match of the design + planning + cost + PM + financial expertise with the client needs, and the real estate market demand. Arch Gruzewski the knowledge that covers all necessary Property Development management requirements to make a difference. Through Jerry's 28 year long international work experience with the leading RE property investors, demanding clients, financial institutions and awarded architects, we understand what makes a project special, profitable, timeless, and attractive to the buyers. The 4 words that define the most successful property developments are:  “location,” “market,” “design quality,” and feasibility.” This is His approach. For detailed information please visit: RE Property Development Management web page.

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