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jasna polana

Jasna Polana

Interior Design: Management and Consultancy
Residential and Commercial Projects,
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Selected by you Interior Design section is grouped in 3 categories:  Classical (pages 1-3), Contemporary (pages 4-6) and Art (pages 7-8). Classical Interior Design section contains 3 pages. Use below hyperlinks to move to next pages within the Interiors, and left margin buttons to switch between the Interiors sub-categories. Use Home button to navigate back to the Main Menu.

Presented on the following pages is well known, the Bright Meadow mansion (now: Jasna Polana Golf Resort). This $124 million Estate, was owned by Mrs. Barbara P. Johnson (Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical corporation, Princeton). The DDMC's Managing Director, arch. J. J. Gruzewski, directed (and desigend) this unique 23,000 SF reconstruction and interior design project as a Principal Architect in 1989-90. It was commissioned for the Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Lech Walesa visit to Princeton, NJ. Our Managing Director had a privillage of designing all details. Arch. Gruzewski supervised  design process, construction, materials purchases, budget, and sub-contractors. Arch. Gruzewski had monitored art restoration, installation and furnishing processes. He was client's Main Design and Business Consultant responsible for all project phases. Total reconstruction and interior design cost: $11.7 million USD (in 1990). Additional funds have been spent for Greek, Italian, French art works, the 1765 English Dinning Room wooden details, gold plated hardware and mouldings, original Empire furniture and a carpet dated 1810-28. Since 1990 there have been only a few classical residential interior design projects of this scale and quality completed. Also, Jerry, designed interiors of the Pilica Palace and the Boksyce historic residence for Mrs. Barbara P-J. Later, in 1998-2003 Jerry directed (and supervised interior design, constructions) of the US Govt. owned historic projects in Massachusetts. In 2004-07 Jerry has worked on top-end classical Hotels and Residencies in Kuwait and the UAE. Today, the DDMC is AVAILABLE to assist You (contact:

Bright Meadow

Jasna Polana, LR
The Bright Meadow's Empire Salon, after completion, Princeton, NJ

The Empire Salon, during construction, Princeton, NJ
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Jasna Polana DR
The Bright Meadow's English styled XVIII c. Dining Room

The Jasna Polana Estate, Living Room's Empire style detail

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