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Clients and Press opinions:

DDMC has provided me with high quality consulting services throughout ... improving the design qualities to meet our expectations and  budget constraints. Its Managing Director was responsive to our needs and sensitive to the financial realities.
Woooow, ... the least I can say about your brilliant work !!! You are the most under rated, decent and honorable professional I have met in my whole life. Knowing you have been a treasure, I mean it in all proportion. Be assured that this project will be yours; We are shooting high, and with the DDMC ! Yours always. Saleh A.Y., Managing Director, R. Engineering Consultants, Saudi Arabia.
I would like to thank you so very, very much. I hope, that I can meet as many people as I can, that have the professional ethics that you have." Thank You. Rachiel F., USA
Dear Sir,
The TABURET has important influence. We have special pages about leading architect in the world. We wrote about Piero Fornasetti and Alvar Aalto, Artemide and Zanotta, Haworth and Ligne Roset. I saw your site today and was very impressed by yours projects. What do you think about publishing some of your projects in our magazine ?
Sincerely yours, O. Genin. TABURET Magazine, Moscow
Dear Jerry,
I am writing to introduce xxx Media Corp and myself and to see if I may earn the opportunity to speak with you. We are currently in the process of seeking very high-end residential architects. The concept behind the book is to showcase the finest architecture from across the US, highlighting the abilities of the nation's brightest architectural minds. I'd welcome the time to speak with you further about your work.
Mike, Publisher of The Perfect Homes, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Bright Meadow Mansion; We would very much like to publish your Bright Meadow Estate  project in our magazine. I would be interested in knowing what ........ . Yours truly, P. Protásio (Casa Decoração), Portugal

As I was going through the list of 300,000 architects, I saw your name. I thought maybe you could give me a few pointers, that might help me in my my future career. Thank you. Jennifer.

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