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Master & Urban Planning
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We have taken leading role in master planning of the following projects:

1. Porto Jumeirah planning management, Jumeirah, Dubai
2. Dubai Land, Tennis Community, UAE
3. Al-Quoz Residential Housing development, UAE
4. Global Village in Abu Dhabi, UAE
5. OLYMPIA Beach Resort, Greece
6. Abu Dhabi Mangroves Residential and Marina development, UAE
7. MUSCAT Waterfront (Al Qurum) residential development, Oman
8. AJMAN Marina, Ajman Emirate, UAE
9. CHECINY town urban redevelopment, Poland
10. UNTERGOHREN Resort in Germany
11. Hawaii West Beach waterfront, USA
SCHUTOW mixed use development in Rostock, Germany
13. BRWINOW Town district urban planning (proposal), EU

We have consulted urban codes corrections, architectural qualities verifications of the $27 Billion Saadiyat development, in Abu Dhabi. As MIT Teaching Assistant, and International Housing Development Congress Organizer the DDMC Director, was involved in a large scale city planning project: LSM (Lubelska Spoldzielnia Mieszkaniowa), (SIGUS program). His master and urban planning, RE property development management services are based on his impressive 25 year long international work experience from the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Schutow II Schutow Oman ADTA


Saadiyat Island
Saadiyat Island, Cultural District, Abu Dhabi, 2007

Global Village

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