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custom designed residences and residential developments management

On a field of Residential Architecture DDMC credentials include new residencies design and reconstructions. Among our team best known projects are: located on the $124 USD million Estate, $29 million BRIGHT MEADOW (Jasna Polana) mansion in Princeton, NJ, formerly owned by known art collector, Mrs. Barbara P. Johnson (Johnson&Johnson Co.). European Boksyce historic villa, 3 semidetached the Al Nisfs villas in Kuwait, Sta Madalena, 7,800 SF Sylvester residence in Massachusetts, space planning to historic reconstruction of ~42,000 SF Pilica palace, 8,100 SF de Witt, historic Sta Clara residencies. We had a pleasure of working on well known Palm Jumeirah development in Dubai (images below). DDMC designs high-end residential buildings only. We project-manage residential developments for the Real Estate investors.

The Bright Meadow (Jasna Polana) and arch. Gruzewski - Princeton, 1991


Types of residencies per construction cost:

for the US, Canada:
1. Low Income @ $140/SF
2. Standard @ $170/SF
3. Quality @ $220/SF
4. High-End @ $280/SF
5. Exclusive @ $340/SF

We do not design Low Income and Standard type residencies

for Central Europe:
1. Low Income @ $850/SM
2. Standard @ $1,100/SM
3. Quality @ $1,700/SM
4. High-End @ $1,950/SM
5. Exclusive @ $2,500/SM

100 sq. meters (SM) = 1076,39 sq. feet (SF) = 119,59 sq. yard (SY)

The Al Nisfs Villas - 3 attached villas @ 1,820 SM each - Kuwait (constructed in 2006)



new structures
Commissioned in 1997 new 7,800 SF residence in Mass. - elevation
l2x6 wooden structure, 12" TJIs, brick veneer, granite and copper details
click to see enlargement

Palm Jumeirah





The Palm Villa

The Palm Villa

Above: selected images of the PALM Jumeirah Development - villas corrected in 2005 - Dubai, UAE

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