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We manage most aspects of the design process, from initial design brief, Scope of Design Work preparation, through creating conceptual design, to a design development phase. Also we can assist with the election and appointment of the best consultants prior to design inception.  Our early involvement adds value by establishing the programme requirements and determining any feasible alternatives by:

  •  analyzing all aspects of the design: site constraints, materials, architectural and urban planning codes
  •  reducing construction risks by identifying improper design solutions
  •  aligning clients business needs with a project outcome
  •  achieving optimum value by evaluating design options
  •           managing design processes
  •           managing design consultants
  •           managing design documentation
  •  using our design knowledge early in the design process reduces errors in the construction phase
  •  reducing construction risks by properly coordinating design documents
  •  coordinating projects with local authorities to ensure, that a design is compliant with the local law
  •  providing design support during the construction phase to ensure compliance with design.

We provide expertise in areas such as master planning, concept design, value management, risk management and sustainable development to allow both internal and external design teams to deliver optimal design and cost efficient solutions. We have been commissioned to manage a few or all phases of the design process on behalf of the client. These phases are: Concept design (30%), Preliminary design (60%),  Detailed design  (90%), Construction drawings.

We accept additional services:

  1. master and urban planning
  2. high-end residential and interior design projects management
  3. architectural competitions organization and management
  4. historic reconstruction and preservation
  5. real estate (RE) property search
  6. RE forecasting (investment strategies)
  7. furniture specifications and import
  8. 2D/3D design concepts

DDMC additional services include:
  •  Master-planning (design improvement and management)
  •  Urban Planning (design assistance, and planning corrections)
  •  Master Planning concepts (preliminary design)
  •  Architectural Design concepts (residential, hospitality and commercial)
  •  Architectural Projects corrections, improvement, checks for errors and excessive costs
  •  Interior Design projects check (codes, styles, SPECS) and design qualities improvement
  •  Plans Correction to reduce design and construction cost
  •  Selecting or suggesting the best suited consultants for a given projectís phase
  •  Proposing less expensive construction materials to cut project costs
  •  Architectural Competitions organization and management

Our early involvement adds value by establishing the programme requirements and determining any possible alternatives.

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